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General Civil/Construction Projects
Civil Works Construction of BTS installations
Feasibility Studies of Civil/Construction Projects
Contractor/Sub-contractor of Civil/Construction Projects
Supply/Installation of Civil/Construction Equipment/facilities

General Telecommunications Projects & Maintenance services
Supply and installation of Telecommunications Towers and Mast ranging from 45m to 120m Towers
Feasibility studies of Telecommunications Projects
Contractor/Sub-contractor of Telecommunications Projects
Supply/Installation of Telecommunications Equipments/facilities

General Electrical/Electronics Projects
Supply and installation of Generators and Transformers
Feasibility studies of Electrical/Electronics Works/Projects
Contractor/Sub-contractor of Electrical/Electronics Projects Supply/Installation of Electrical/Electronics Equipment/facilities

Cost Control Studies of Engineering Projects
Design and review of costing system in Engineering/Management
Engineering Projects overhead cost reduction, Management and Control
Development and documentation of Accounting System
Business appraisals and Feasibility Studies
Management of information reporting control systems
Effective Financial Management Training
Strategic Financial Planning and Control
Training Management Services
Computer aided enumeration of projects
Business Planning
Management Advisory Service
Economic Viability Studies
Receivership and Liquidation Services
Financial Management Training
Project Management

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